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Build your own powerful Patreon website and provide valuable content to your fan via monthly subscription.

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What's Self Patreon?

Self Patreon is a self hosted WordPress based membership website. It’s entirely your own website, you can do whatever you like with this website. Like Patreon you can offer exclusive contents to your fans with monthly subscriptions. Post, Podcast, Video, Image, Poll, Quiz you can host many things on your own Self Patreon website.

Build Subscription & Earn Monthly

Create subscription on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis. Charge your fans on their local currency.

Build Connection with your Fans

Provide your fans exclusive articles, posts, videos, images, podcasts to build strong connection.

Full Control & Freedom

This is your Website, so you control everything from design, color, fonts to subscription.

Self Patreon vs Patreon

Self Pateron

  • Own website
  • Personal domain (
  • No monthly fee
  • Blog
  • Poll
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Text
  • Image
  • Support all currency
  • Monthly subscription
  • No minimum subscription amount
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Yearly & custom subscription
  • Give trial to your fans
  • Auto subscription
  • Accept payment globally
  • Own control


  • No website
  • No custom design
  • Limited currency
  • Minimum subscription option
  • High charge
  • No custom subscription
  • No tial

Are you ready to buld your Self Patreon Website?